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NameWhat kind of coaching do you do?WebsiteLinkedinRate and pricingIdeal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solveWho can't you help?Preferred coaching structureIn your own words
Vinamrata Singal
Leadership coachingProduct
I work with clients in two different ways: - Mid-level product leaders or aspiring product leaders (i.e. with 2+ years of experience) looking to make their next move and want help mapping out what they want, thinking through options, creating a plan and support going after it. Examples of moves: breaking into product, transitioning from big co-> startup (vice versa), leaving product, IC->manager role, etc. - PM'es at early stage startups who want more hands on product mentorship and guidance with their day to day work. This could look like thought partnership or feedback on strategy documents/roadmapping/OKR setting, frameworks for figuring out how to define and grow the product function, strategies for managing stakeholders, and building storytelling skills to land presentation.
I'm not great for people who are new grads / just starting their career.
tl;dr- I’m a leadership and product coach helping mid-level product leaders and aspiring product leaders uplevel their leadership skills while successfully navigating their career. My name is Vinamrata, and I got my start in product at Stanford as an APM intern at Google. I’ve worked on every kind of product (consumer, B2B2C, growth, monetization), In every kind of environment (20 person startup at Propel & Landis to 500 person company at Thumbtack & Match to global conglomerate at Google) , and with various product leadership roles (APM to head of product). I’ve often felt lonely in tech: as the only product person at my company, the only woman in the room, the only one who doesn’t believe in the latest Silicon Valley buzzword. I have have greatly benefitted from coaching and mentorship to grow my career, and now want to help others do the same.
Josh Emerson
EngineeringEngineering managementLeadership coachingGrowthGeneral management
People who would prefer a non-directive approach, based on active listening in order to explore what it is that they are seeking to learn and improve. Either existing leaders, or people who are seeking a management role, or another senior role and who looking to improve their skills.
Typically one hour sessions on a weekly basis, but other frequencies and length of sessions can be discussed.
Adam White
Engineering managementEntrepreneurshipGeneral managementHR/People opsLeadership coaching
First time leaders who have been thrown into the new role without guidance and training on what their new role entails.
Most clients start with a weekly, hour-long conversation. We'll come prepared with a list of items, topics, and questions to discuss. Over time, meetings will become less frequent. Other structures are available that we can discuss
Daniel Rodrigu
EntrepreneurshipFundraisingGeneral managementGo-to-marketGrowthLeadership coachingBrandingPricing and packagingSales
Startup and growth stage B2B tech.
I don’t have B2C experience so my go to market strategy help is less relevant there.
Phone or video conference.
I help high growth companies craft a strategic narrative and win a market leadership position in their category (Sales Enablement, NOW CX). I have experience building the marketing, BD and sales functions. Every year we’ve hit 100% ARR growth for the past 9 years. My sweet spot is $0 - $75M of ARR. In 2021, I co-authored "Experience is Everything," a book about the future of customer service in an increasingly digital world. I cut my teeth in finance and consulting and use that analytical rigor to build a high performance marketing and sales funnels. As a musician and songwriter I enjoy performing and use my lack of stage fright as a keynote speaker, podcast host and webinar speaker (and it keeps me active on IG). I've published articles in Forbes, CMSWire and contribute as a guest blogger on multiple martech blogs. Because people buy with emotion, I believe in hero stories, content marketing and customer community. The thriving Sales Enablement community (thousands of people today) began in a windowless conference room at our first Seismic Shift annual event in 2014 with 19 people in the room. Everything starts small. I love analogies, especially related to wine, music and sports, and use them to relate marketing activities to other parts of the organization. I'm passionate about helping others build their careers. I mentor and volunteer to help those early in their careers get into tech with Harvard Student Agencies Dev and Visible Hands. I've taught workshop sessions on positioning and customer segmentation. I enjoy advising the CEOs of two startup tech companies, ValueShares, Inc. and ACTivate.
David Wertheimer
Business operationsEntrepreneurshipGeneral managementGrowthLeadership coachingPLGProductProduct Design
I have had great success with two client profiles: small business founders/startup entrepreneurs, where my coaching is broad-based, and product managers/directors, who have job-specific situations to address.
I'm probably less useful for enterprise employees, as I've never really worked in them, and don't know the cadence and politics involved in organizations with hundreds of staff at the same peer level. (At Citi, for example, I was on a team of 7 in an isolated department, and repeated efforts to find employment with the consumer bank fell flat.)
As mentioned above, a regular call cadence is great, and I'm flexible with format. My longtime mentee calls me every week by phone with the occasional in-person walk. My last two enterprise and accelerator coaching engagements were on weekly or biweekly Zoom chats. And I'm happy to be available via DM for smaller or emergency requests.
Amina Altaf
Go-to-marketPricing and packagingProduct marketingGrowth
Early or Series A, PLG, B2B SaaS companies
D2C only, Web3
Flexible and tailored to the client needs
Philip Johnson
GrowthPLGProductProduct DesignBusiness operationsPricing and packaging
Seed, series A, or series B stage startups that are just building out their product org, expanding their product line, or need help developing winning product and / or growth strategies.
I don't have a ton of experience with sales-led models.
I can be as involved as a fractional member of the team to only doing weekly calls.
Lenae Storey
ProductGo-to-marketLeadership coaching
For working with product managers - I am available to coach various stages of your product career journey For non-product founders, startups, and organizations - I am focused on working with purpose or mission-driven ventures who are actively working toward building organizations and products for greater impact (climate, social, sustainability, equity, etc) Perennial's mission is to enable impact-driven people (especially product managers and founders) and ventures to create lasting, positive change with product thinking and technology.
Lenae (and Perennial) does not provide software development. However, we have partnerships with development agencies and shops that we can partner with for your full solution delivery needs.
My coaching structure depends on the product manager's or client's goals. I do require that, at a minimum, we have an agreement of at least three months, but I will be flexible on initial coaching sessions to establish cadence. I also offer async communication as part of coaching packages.
Jossie Haines
Engineering managementEngineeringLeadership coaching
My ideal client is a Director, VP or CTO at a tech startup who is looking to address any leadership challenges, build a more inclusive team, or get to the next level in their career.
I offer a 6-month executive coaching program where the individual can book 18 sessions over that time period (so approx 3 per month). Clients also have unlimited access in slack so they can pop in whenever they have any questions or concerns.
Robert Gillette
A business over ~$1.5mm in revenue whose owner is looking to retire, sell, or step out of the business acquisition role. My clients tend to be referral based and need to find a way to continue that without the owners influence.
Clients who need more revenue, NOW. This process is slow-growing, and places an emphasis on people first. My clients tend to know what they sell and how to sell it. Their main challenge is passing that touch to someone who is not a stakeholder. It's also incredibly difficult to work with people who are less than friendly or are unwilling to accept lessons and leadership.
A mix of Zoom, In-person, email, phone, and open office hours. The process includes a fair amount of mentorship.
Andrey Gargul
Product Design
Early-stage startup founders or product managers looking for UX assistance or building a UX team.
Video sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis, or one-off calls.
Christina Unrein
Leadership coaching
Open-minded and self-motivated. I've really enjoyed working with rebels, women, creatives, the underrepresented, and LGBTQ+ community members.
Someone who wants me to have their answers/want me to be the expert and just follow my advise Closed-minded people People who want to play the victim and blame others
It is up to you! I do everything from weekly phone calls, in the moment calls, scheduled bi-weekly meetings, quarterly calls and a mixture of what is needed to meet your needs. Many of my clients tend to walk or be active during sessions so they can get away from their desk and be more creative about their challenges/opportunities.
Erika Gerdes
SalesGeneral managementGrowthLeadership coaching
I specialize in working with high and overachievers who are looking to get more out of their performance, impact and lives but feel lost and/or stuck. I focus on adaptive behavioral changes and mindset shifts which enable them to reach the next level across all facets of life. I tend to work most often within the tech industry, but have no industry preference. My ideal client must be interested in making changes and willing to do the work.
I don't work well with people who are exclusively looking to be told what to do with a quick fix and/or tips and tricks because I don't believe they serve and end up making people feel worse about themselves.
1:1: I meet bi-weekly for 1 hour 15 minutes via VC (or phone if preferred) using a tailored approach based on their goals and challenges (rather than a using a cookie-cutter process). I offer 3-month and 6-month packages. When I engage with teams/orgs, I work with the stakeholders to design a program that makes sense based on goals, often a series of workshops.
Sabina Peskin
Leadership coaching
Usually Latin America based business or Latin American expats. For scale ups: PMs, middle managers to directors or senior ICs. For startups leadership/executive team.
Those who expect consulting or a directive approach. I do pure coaching, except for specific programs where I agree to do mentoring.
It depends on what works for the client. I adapt. The standard would be bi-weekly zoom calls but sometimes voice only or async works better.
Bilaal Ahmed
ProductPLGGeneral managementBusiness operationsEngineering management
Startups that have product-market fit and are looking to scale their operation with portfolio planning and hiring.
On a project basis with weekly or bi-weekly check-ins ranging from 4-12 week timeframe.
Kellie Valladares
General managementBusiness operationsCorporate operationsHR/People ops
I tend to work with Series A to Series E leaders, but am open to earlier and later stage clients. My work tends to focus on operations, strategy, and relational goals (working more effectively with people). I also advise on HR specific issues - like DEI, ERG formation, culture, performance management, manager development, etc.) Additionally, I help clients with personal goals like mitigating or preventing burnout and building confidence/mitigating imposter syndrome. So clients who are interested in any of those focus areas could be a good fit.
Clients who are interested in the above areas are a good potential fit. If many of their goals lie outside those bounds, they might be served better by a different coach.
Biweekly or weekly engagements are preferred but I also do ad hoc advising.
Alex Sandu
EntrepreneurshipGeneral managementProductGo-to-marketManagement
Tech companies who are at a strategic cross-road. For early stage start-ups, this means around the time of their first round when they have to define their market, target customer, user value proposition, competitive advantage. For later stage companies, this means when they need to figure out how and where to scale and whether and how to expand to adjacent customer segments and adjacent markets. For more established companies, this means when they need to set up a dedicated Business Strategy function or their market is saturated and their product commoditized and they need to either go into other verticals or invest in differentiation.
Businesses who have figured out their PMF and just need to scale in their current market. Companies who only need to reduce their costs.
It depends on the project. I am available for weekly coaching and more involved work.
Brian Childress
EngineeringEngineering management
Ideal clients are non-technical founders, or technical founders who need help delivering their technical products. Ideally they have a proof of concept version of their application that has proven product market fit and paying customers.
Companies with bad product market fit. Companies only interesting in making money, not customer focused.
Depending on level of engagement. Active on company Slack --> part-time member of the team.
Aman Manik
General managementBusiness operationsCustomer successFundraisingGo-to-marketProduct
- Founders, early stage pre-seed to series A - PMs, Engs, Designs at early-stage companies
- Folks at large companies. - CPOs - I haven't served this role so can coach, but not mentor - Highly technical products
Bi-weekly, with Notion comments / discussions / emails in between
Patrick Carmitchel
ProductProduct marketingPricing and packagingPLGEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketGrowth
B2B/B2C SaaS startups post seed to series C and intrapreneurial ventures funded/incubated within enterprise companies - Individual Product Manager: Establishing the product and/or product design functions with core charter, people, cross functional process, and technology, usually a founder and/or first product manager/leader. They already have achieved PMF, but need help ensuring continuous PFF and are looking for support on how to navigate wearing multiple hats while having to deliver measurable value. In some cases a primary challenge may be the transition of ownership from founder to product manager, - Product Organization: Maturing the product function up to a team of 30, optimizing internal team performance with best practices, scaling to support new product introduction while maintaining internal and external stakeholder alignment to achieve in-market success across the product lifecycle. Focus: Recruiting, vision, strategy, business models, product stack, roadmap prioritization, personas, competitive analysis, closed loop feedback, agile methodology/scrum, cross functional alignment, go to market, packaging, pricing, positioning, product analytics, OKRs
I don't do Social Media companies
Weekly Zoom with primary contact and guest participation from select colleagues internal to the product management and/or cross functional team. If local to San Diego, meeting in person is optional. Mid-week checkins as needed via Slack and/or email.
Eric Couillard
Leadership coachingEntrepreneurship
I seem to be most effective helping people who are either overly aggressive / macho / intense, or the opposite - pushovers, 'nice guys,' etc.
I'm not a mentor or a consultant - I rarely give prescriptions ("here's you do this thing"). So people looking for someone who's done what they're trying to do and can walk them through it - I can't help.
Meeting 2-3 times / month for approximately one hour video chat. Ideally for at least 6 months.
Inbal Latner
Leadership coachingProduct
Tech leaders in all positions
I usually start weekly meetings and often after 4-6 meetings transition to every 2 weeks. The process is usually 6-12 meetings but it varies and depends only on the client.
Austin Helton
EntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketGrowthProduct marketingContent marketingSEOPerformance marketing
Mark Budreski
Early stage, disruptive, tech player with the desire for a solution-based, value-oriented sales approach
Would prefer to work with the above
Slacks, Zooms, occasional in-person Sessions
George Sudarkoff
General managementEngineering managementEngineeringEntrepreneurship
I help engineering leaders and technical founder to gain the same level of confidence leading engineering organizations that they have working with technology. I also advise on engineering best practices, as well as engineering org design. And I'm open to fractional CTO/VPE engagements.
My clients typically start with a 3-month commitment, and then expend either on a month-to-month basis or in 3-month blocks. I offer weekly one-hour video calls—more frequently when needed, less when not—and unlimited email support between the calls.
Chris Winterhoff
Go-to-marketGrowthPerformance marketingSEO
An early stage B2C company that is hunting for PMF or has recently uncovered PMF. For pre-PMF fit I'd guide through customer research, developing a compelling value proposition and testing these hypothesis. For post-PMF (but still early stage) companies they might need help in strategising and testing what acquisition channels might work, how to improve conversion rate or retention rate and ultimately set them up to start scaling their channels.
Because I focus on early stage, I often find that some companies are looking for an execution person, and that's not what I offer.
It really depends on the client and their needs. At the beginning, the work is usually a bit heavier and there might be regular calls/slacks or loom videos being sent around. Once the project is establish I like doing a weekly or fortnightly call. But generally I'm also available on their slack channels .
Jade Rubick
EngineeringEngineering managementProduct
I specialize in early stage startups, seed to series C. Or bootstrapped or private companies of a similar size. My ideal client is a bright engineering leader or founder who hasn't grown or dealt with the challenges of a complex engineering organization before, who is looking for help in improving product development: making it more customer-focused, delivering better outcomes, more reliably and more quickly. They're also interested in building both a humane place to work, and a place that is effective. Most of my customers have 10+ engineers. I often find they come to me around 15-25 engineers, when things really start getting messy.
I'm typically not a great fit for crypto companies.
I typically do weekly or biweekly zoom working sessions, with one or two people participating (who participates is flexible and can change). We run through a topic or two per session. And maintain a list of potential future topics.
Joe Falit
General managementEntrepreneurshipFundraisingGo-to-marketGrowthCorporate operations
Seed or Series A company in almost any industry, struggling with fundraising, product-market-fit, go-to-market, long-term planning, financial analysis / analytics, team harmony, or related challenges.
I'm not good with consumer products companies or companies offering solutions to climate change; it's just not my areas of expertise.
I typically do a weekly or every-other-week video call, but this is flexible depending upon need. Some clients need a lot of support for a defined period of time, and this works too.
Giacomo Poggiali
Early-stage founders with a great vision, a lot of openness and grit to making it work. I like to work with Tasmanian devils 🌪️ motivated to turn a “meh”🤔 idea into a great venture (I care much more about this than about the idea itself). The founders I work with directly usually raised a Seed or pre-Seed round. But since I've noticed that the earlier the Product mindset is absorbed the better, I'm also partnering with (pre-)seed funds, incubators and accelerators to get in front of earlier stage founders that could benefit even more.
Founders who want to find evidences validating the idea they're in love with (and not looking to tweak it to make it work). Founders who think I have the answers or easy shortcuts for them. There is not such a thing, no one will determine your venture's success except yourselves. For this reason, I’ll fuel you with questions that you can process at the pace you decide.
Weekly/Bi-weekly calls. Tailored workshops when needed.
Kendall Miller
EntrepreneurshipFundraisingGo-to-marketPricing and packaging
SaaS companies under 100 people who need the generalist people leader to help lead a team, solve business problems, know what's next, and need help to find that specialist to come in over time and carry to the next step.
The only hard-stop for me is companies that treat people poorly. I'm in business for the sake of people, the more successful the business, the more people you can provide great work for. If you treat people horribly I don't want to be a part of it.
Weekly syncs is most common. However I also am happy to be available in Slack for certain organizations.
Maximillian Naza
BrandingGrowthGo-to-marketFundraisingEngineering management
I'm fairly industry agnostic and usually work with companies from Pre-Seed to Series C. I'm an expert at implementing GTM & Growth strategies and will often rely on founders to fill in the gaps about things that are unique to their industries. I spend a great deal of my time helping founders figure out the best ways to apply my ideas and recommendations to the context of their respective industries.
Healthcare & BioTech
I'm totally flexible. I can provide coaching over the phone or via zoom. I can provide asynchronous support via slack or email. I'm also open to meeting in person, although this might involve some traveling depending on your location.
Mike Schwartz
EngineeringEngineering managementGeneral management
For Mentoring / Coaching clients the phase of the company isn't relevant - the development needs of the individual are what counts. For Fractional CTO / VP of Engineering clients, or Engineering Strategy clients I am typically a good fit for 0-30-ish people companies. The domain and type of product are less relevant than the phase of the company but I do have expertise in Payments, SaaS (both B2b and B2c), security and content management.
For Mentoring / Coaching clients I'm not a good fit if the person has the support and growth networks they need already in place. For Fractional CTO / VP of Engineering clients, I am not a good fit if the company has the Engineering leadership breadth and depth they need already in place.
My most common structure is a periodic 1 hour consultative call 1-3 times / month. Typically the client will send topics a day or two ahead so that we are aligned from the beginning and get off to a quick start each hour. I'm happy to work async as well, but haven't done that in practice.
Coral Edwards
General managementBrandingEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketGrowthHR/People opsProduct marketingLeadership coaching
Force ranked list: 1. (New) Mom reentering the workforce - any seniority, any industry, any domain. 2. (New) Parent reentering the workforce. 3. Female leaders - any industry, any domain. 4. Founders / entrepreneurs in the SaaS and/or technology space. 5. Leaders / managers in the SaaS and/or technology space. 6. Marketing managers in the SaaS and/or technology space. 7. Marketing ICs in the SaaS and/or technology space.
Someone who is not open to coaching and/or transformational growth. Someone who is not open to being vulnerable and introspective.
Flexible, but generally bi-weekly 60-minute sessions over Zoom. I provide a complimentary 30-minute chemistry call.
Brad Farris
General managementGrowth
Someone who has crested $1M in revenue, has started building their management team and needs help being the leader that team needs. They need to get out of the weeds and into the helicopter!
Very early stage, haven't found their product-market fit and are still looking for a business model.
2X per month zoom is typical, but I have some who work more frequently, some less.
Adam Thackeray
General managementEngineering managementEntrepreneurshipProductHR/People ops
Ideal customers are well-funded (Series B+) and growing organizations that are going through significant organizational change.
Biweekly video sessions with follow up questions via email + participation in their slack/teams channels.
Daniel Merriman
General managementProductEngineering management
My ideal client has a clear vision for what they want from our relationship. That might be to challenge them, to act as an impartial third party who can look at what they doing and push them to do things better. They might need a sounding board, someone to bounce ideas off before they're fully formed, and to help shape them so they're ready for more public consumption. Or they might need a personal coach, an ally who will, without judgement, give them the space to do their best thinking on whatever is most important to them at that moment. My clients vary from product leaders and start-up founders to new graduates and career-changers.
I am a person-oriented coach, so in my coaching sessions a lot of the "work" is about exploring the client's experiences and feelings around the situation to help them make decisions that better serve their goals. I believe that my clients are entirely capable of making good decisions - they might just need a bit of help working out what direction to take. All of this is to say, you'll get out of coaching what you put in. If you want someone to flat-out tell you what to do, I won't be a good fit.
I typically have calls on a regular structure, whether weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. We'll have an initial (free) conversation about your goals and to see if we're a good match for each other, and then we'll go from there.
Mark Tan
General managementGo-to-marketGrowthProduct
Michael Goldenberg
SalesGo-to-marketGrowthBrandingPricing and packaging
Earlier stage. Especially anyone building a PLG motion or anyone that is looking to start by selling into technology companies.
I can't help people that are focused on a really niche or technical industry that I don't really have experience.
Open to what is needed, but probably start with more frequent meetings, possibly weekly, then move to bi-weekly or monthly as time goes on.
Grace Tyson
General managementEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketPricing and packagingSalesGrowthPLG
5-100 employee, VC-backed B2B SaaS companies (typically Seed to Series C)
B2C only, completely PLG w/no sales org
Flexible and tailored to the client
Belle Walker
General managementEntrepreneurshipHR/People ops
Have you heard org design and development coaches and consultants talk about "putting the right butts in the right seats on the bus"? I build the bus. Whether the focus is operating models or process maps, my engagements are generally project based with clear deliverables clients can use immediately to take their businesses to the next level. I am an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of growing and managing diverse, high performing, technical and operational teams. When you are looking for a strong consulting professional skilled in Organizational Development, Business Planning, Management, Competitive Analysis, and Leadership, send me a message!
Kevin O'Brien
General managementEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketSalesFundraising
I specialize in pre-seed, seed, and Series A B2B companies. I have worked with and helped grow businesses across multiple verticals, including web conferencing, 5G optimization, product management software, database technology, and (of course) cybersecurity.
I am not a good fit for B2C companies or founders not focused on building a B2B sales/growth engine (yet).
I spend an hour via web conference every other week with them, coupled with check-in calls (usually about a half hour) on the "off" weeks and ad-hoc coaching/mentoring (via email, Slack, SMS, etc.) any time that it's required and/or helpful.
Lauren Taylor
General managementCustomer successEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketHR/People opsProductSales
Pre-seed to early Series A. I find that I provide the highest value for clients that have a vision, technical expertise, but lack operational, people management and business management experience. My clients might have junior/mid-ICs in the operational space across all non-technical functions, who need mentorship, guidance, and supporting planning for execution across all non-technical functions. I trend towards helping female founders, as that is a passion of mine, but am open to any introductions where it is the right fit. I'm also a PMP and can help leaders that have "well-defined" (as well as it can be at early stages) strategic projects.
Teams that have senior leadership dedicated to operational functions; teams that do not prioritize sound and solid business foundations, people management, organizational structure in order to optimize stability and ultimate growth and scale for the company. Tech and product are super important, but solidarity in other functions is what can truly accelerate growth, from hiring the best in class people, to proactive customer support and relationship management.
I find I need at least 4-6 hours / week to engage, get up to speed and effectively coach and support execution. Hours spent can be a tiered approach (more in the beginning, tapered towards the end).
Nika Duan
HR/People opsGrowthGo-to-marketEntrepreneurshipGeneral managementPricing and packaging
Industry: healthcare, edtech, future of work, B2B SaaS, consumer tech Stage: pre-seed, seed, Series A, Series B, Series C
Deeply technical companies with a need for strong industry expertise (e.g., biotech)
I'm happy to be flexible - can provide coaching over the phone, zoom, asynchronous support (slack/email/text). I have also traveled to meet and support executives in person.
Joni Hoadley
Seed to Series C
I'm very flexible and tailor my coaching to each client.
Blake Grubbs
BrandingGo-to-marketPricing and packagingProduct marketing
Phil Corson
ProductGrowthPricing and packagingPLG
SaaS B2B startups who are close to or have found product market fit and are looking to accelerate their growth (Series A+).
Large enterprises, merger-acqusition stage companies, or "grey-area" products (data re-sellers, platforms that offer restricted products like cigarettes, alcohol, or others). I can coach and consult with B2C or physical goods businesses but it isn't my strong suit.
I prefer a more integrated method and therefore choose wisely with how many I may have on the go at one time. Usually I will require access to data and have no problem signing NDAs so I can do my best work. Clients typically welcome my higher fees as I'm more integrated into their business when I work with them. Typical engagements are 3 months with an initial heavy lift from the client of workshopping and goal setting. Once defined I lean on the agile methodology with weekly "retros" or updates from all engaged stakeholders. I usually want to collaborate async (loom videos) and through slack but can do weekly syncs if client prefers. Typically my outputs are a miro board and a strategic document giving my clients 3-12 months of runaway of where I recommend where they should be investing their time and money as a business.
Daniel Pearl
SalesProduct marketingGo-to-marketGrowthPricing and packaging
I'm happy to help anyone who needs help with GTM, messaging, product marketing, sales process and enablement.
I'm flexible
Joshua Herzig-Marx
ProductGeneral managementEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketHR/People ops
I charge $250 per hour for meetings, phone calls, and video calls (fractional is OK, e.g., $125 for 30 minutes). I generally don't have any weekly or monthly minimums, and I don't require any commitments upfront. For $1,000 per month, you can add me to your Slack, email, ATS, etc. and I can provide asynchronous coaching and support.
My ideal client is a founder or solo product manager at a very early stage company who is looking for the kind of support they would get from a weekly 1:1 with a manager...if they had a manager who understood what product management is all about. I also help with recruiting and hiring, org design, and general executive and managerial challenges. I generally don't do fractional product management.
I don't generally provide fractional services. I don't know anything about or have much interest in crypto or Web3. I'm less helpful with larger companies or later stage startups.
My clients generally start with a weekly, hour-long phone call.
Clayton Moulynox
General managementSalesGo-to-marketCustomer successProduct marketing
For ongoing advisory/coaching/mentoring, we generally work on what we call a subscription retainer model - basically a pay-for-access model, with a monthly fee, but with no commitment. For people to stay with us, we have to show value. Fees vary depending on the expected average access per month, but start at a minimum of $USD2000/month and we have clients paying up to $10,000/month. We do have a capacity of clients we can work with at any one time. We are also open to equity for service arrangements when it's the right fit for us and the founders. You can read more in the PDF here https://7ae1a756-d016-45c0-9ea8-91b843ceb2d7.usrfiles.com/ugd/7ae1a7_0c4cd27e7a744963bba7cbfde30bcfd6.pdf
Usually early stage SaaS companies. Typically - pre-product market fit, pre revenue or minimal revenue - early product market fit, consistent revenue, need to scale - Raised family and friends round, seed round or maybe series A - B2B or B2C - Sales led or PLG - Focus on working with sales, marketing, customer success and general operations/management leaders/managers - We often work with "firsts": The first sales hire, the first CS hire, the first growth marketing hire etc. Or work with leadership teams looking to hire these firsts. - I personally specialise across marketing/sales/customer success/leadership and culture.
Not as strongly focused on Engineering and product management. Less impactful for folks who are already seasoned sales or marketing professionals, except in the case where it may be their first "startup" experience. Tend to avoid crypto
We work in whatever way works best for clients. Mostly that's a combination of scheduled calls, ad-hoc calls/mesaging and asynchronous comms (often we're added to clients Slack/Teams etc). Our pay-for-access model means that we'll be there when you need us, not only on a rigid schedule.
Jen Millard
General managementEntrepreneurshipSalesGo-to-marketGrowthPricing and packaging
I typically do a monthly cost depending on the number of sessions. I typically recommend a weekly session for 4-6 Weeks, depending on complexity, and then drop to bi-weekly. Cost is flexible for a cash and/or equity arrangement.
My ideal client is a young (often first time) entrepreneur that is approaching a series A capital raise. Enough of an idea or concept that has a few shoots of success, and now they want to swing bigger. I am best used early stage to accelerate GTM and Sales processes. Often take Frac CRO roles to assist.
I prefer Fintech, checkouttech, foodtech, robotics, AR/VR et al. I can do physical retail and CPG as well. Preference is around team and people rather than sector.
Typical structure is a weekly call. I can do onsite for off-site facilitation etc.