Steve Dwire

What kind of coaching do you do?
Engineering management
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

I work best with aspiring leaders, managers, and directors of Software Engineering or IT teams. My professional coaching may be right for you if: ✅ You can identify a specific goal or outcome you want to reach ✅ You’re ready for personal growth and change to achieve your goals ✅ You have a track record of taking personal responsibility for your success ✅ You’re willing to be open, transparent, and vulnerable in a safe environment ✅ You’re generally healthy in the area where you want to focus, and you’re looking for growth or achievement

Preferred coaching structure

The standard structure is two one-hour Zoom calls per month. We'll start by identifying and clarifying the goals you want to achieve, then work together to develop, follow, and refine a plan to achieve those goals. Between calls you'll often give yourself homework assignments to achieve before the next meeting.

Who can't you help?

My coaching may not be a good fit for you if: ⛔ You’re just curious about how coaching might help ⛔ You need someone else to change if you’re going to succeed ⛔ You’re looking for someone who can chart your course for you ⛔ You have things you need to keep secret, even from a private coach ⛔ You’re working with a therapist or counselor on a similar or overlapping issue, or you’re looking for healing or recovery