Work with Josh

Work with Josh


I help founders and early-stage product leaders through coaching, mentorship, and advisory work.

For the past 15 years, I've been the first product leader at very early-stage organizations (including my own startup, where we exited to Google). More details at my Linkedin.

How can I help you?

  1. For the Founder. Maybe you're a physician or a lawyer new to tech companies or have a sales or biz dev background. Maybe you don't need a PM yet but want to do a better job bringing rigor and discipline to your planning, want to do better communicating with your engineers, or want to know when it's time to hire that first PM.
  2. For the Solo PM. It's hard enough being the first PM. It's even harder when there's nobody at your org who understands what product management is about. I provide the professional coaching, mentorship, and direction your boss can't.
  3. For the First-time head of product. It's a big jump from being an experienced PM to being the product leader at an early-stage company. What do the CEO, the board, and the rest of the leadership expect from you? What new responsibilities do you have to master?

To be in touch, you can email me at or book time with me at


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