Resources to become a better PM

Resources to become a better PM

These are some of the books, newsletters, courses, and online communities that I highly recommend for current, aspiring, or even experienced PMs and product leaders. These are resources I use myself! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out - there’s contact info at the bottom of this page.

Books about product management

These books are roughly in suggested reading order. As an experiment, in addition to links to Amazon and the author’s page, I link out to Lenny Rachitsky’s podcast interviews and book summaries by Evan Samek, if available.

Newsletters about product management

Not all of these are still current, but all have a great back-catalog of articles.


I’m not a courses person so haven’t taken any of these. But they’ve either been recommended by people I know or I know and respect the instructor.

Slacks and other communities

The following are fine but either quieter or more full of promotional content than the above two:

😅 I provide coaching and support to founders and solo PMs. You can grab time with me!

More resources

✍️Resources for writing🎨Learn UX/UI💳Learn about Fintech

🍩 Ken Norton’s 44 Best Books for Product Managers

Outsystems resources for product management (Miro board)

Andy Nortrup’s Self Taught Product Manager