Alexis Morin

What kind of coaching do you do?
EntrepreneurshipFundraisingGeneral managementLeadership coaching
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

Everyone I coach has two things in common: they are spiritually curious + they value social justice and want to center it more in their work.

Preferred coaching structure

I offer two coaching programs. Both are 1:1 and offered over Zoom. Build supports founders, fundraisers and Executive Directors who are building and scaling organizations with social justice missions. Build includes 3 monthly coaching sessions and a site visit each quarter and works on a $3,500 monthly retainer (6 month minimum). Seek supports leaders going through career transitions identify the work they're called to do next. We examine your spiritual and justice commitments, your future vision, leadership strengths, and growth goals. It is 6 sessions over 4 months and costs $3,500.

Who can't you help?

Folks disinterested in opening the Pandora's Box of existential and spiritual questions. Folks whose primary career motivation is money.

In your own words

I'm Alexis Morin, the founder of Soul Work Coaching. My leadership coaching support draws from my own experiences as a the cofounder and Executive Director of a national nonprofit, as a fundraiser (learned on the job and eventually raised $25MM), community organizer, growth consultant to nonprofits, and seminarian. I provide 1:1 leadership coaching for folks leading organizations with social justice missions — often nonprofits, but sometimes for profit or in government or creative sectors. We cover all the good stuff of executive coaching like your dreams and vision, skills, weaknesses, dilemmas and crises, growth strategy, fundraising, team and board relationships, steering out of burnout… and I support clients to incorporate non-dogmatic spirituality and theology into your leadership framework. I also support people changing careers who want to use your gifts and talents in more meaningful ways.