David Wertheimer

What kind of coaching do you do?
Business operationsEntrepreneurshipGeneral managementGrowthLeadership coachingPLGProductProduct Design
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve
I have had great success with two client profiles: small business founders/startup entrepreneurs, where my coaching is broad-based, and product managers/directors, who have job-specific situations to address.
Preferred coaching structure
As mentioned above, a regular call cadence is great, and I'm flexible with format. My longtime mentee calls me every week by phone with the occasional in-person walk. My last two enterprise and accelerator coaching engagements were on weekly or biweekly Zoom chats. And I'm happy to be available via DM for smaller or emergency requests.
Who can't you help?
I'm probably less useful for enterprise employees, as I've never really worked in them, and don't know the cadence and politics involved in organizations with hundreds of staff at the same peer level. (At Citi, for example, I was on a team of 7 in an isolated department, and repeated efforts to find employment with the consumer bank fell flat.)