Clayton Moulynox

What kind of coaching do you do?
General managementSalesGo-to-marketCustomer successProduct marketing
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve
Usually early stage SaaS companies. Typically - pre-product market fit, pre revenue or minimal revenue - early product market fit, consistent revenue, need to scale - Raised family and friends round, seed round or maybe series A - B2B or B2C - Sales led or PLG - Focus on working with sales, marketing, customer success and general operations/management leaders/managers - We often work with "firsts": The first sales hire, the first CS hire, the first growth marketing hire etc. Or work with leadership teams looking to hire these firsts. - I personally specialise across marketing/sales/customer success/leadership and culture.
Preferred coaching structure
We work in whatever way works best for clients. Mostly that's a combination of scheduled calls, ad-hoc calls/mesaging and asynchronous comms (often we're added to clients Slack/Teams etc). Our pay-for-access model means that we'll be there when you need us, not only on a rigid schedule.
Who can't you help?
Not as strongly focused on Engineering and product management. Less impactful for folks who are already seasoned sales or marketing professionals, except in the case where it may be their first "startup" experience. Tend to avoid crypto
Rate and pricing
For ongoing advisory/coaching/mentoring, we generally work on what we call a subscription retainer model - basically a pay-for-access model, with a monthly fee, but with no commitment. For people to stay with us, we have to show value. Fees vary depending on the expected average access per month, but start at a minimum of $USD2000/month and we have clients paying up to $10,000/month. We do have a capacity of clients we can work with at any one time. We are also open to equity for service arrangements when it's the right fit for us and the founders. You can read more in the PDF here