Giacomo Poggiali

What kind of coaching do you do?
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

Early-stage founders with a great vision, a lot of openness and grit to making it work. I like to work with Tasmanian devils 🌪️ motivated to turn a “meh”🤔 idea into a great venture (I care much more about this than about the idea itself). The founders I work with directly usually raised a Seed or pre-Seed round. But since I've noticed that the earlier the Product mindset is absorbed the better, I'm also partnering with (pre-)seed funds, incubators and accelerators to get in front of earlier stage founders that could benefit even more.

Preferred coaching structure

Weekly/Bi-weekly calls. Tailored workshops when needed.

Who can't you help?

Founders who want to find evidences validating the idea they're in love with (and not looking to tweak it to make it work). Founders who think I have the answers or easy shortcuts for them. There is not such a thing, no one will determine your venture's success except yourselves. For this reason, I’ll fuel you with questions that you can process at the pace you decide.