Gaurav Hardikar

What kind of coaching do you do?
Product DesignProductProduct marketingPricing and packagingLeadership coachingGrowthGo-to-marketBusiness operationsPLG
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

1. Teams and Individuals looking to achieve a specific goal. This will be easy to showcase a plan and number of sessions to achieve it. 2. Clients that are willing to put in the time - this may require homework between sessions.

Preferred coaching structure

Depends on session frequency. Always will have set times for session. I want to leave Async open, but if additional work is required for async reviews then we can negotiate a rate for more involved support.

Who can't you help?

The client will only get what they put into it. So the initial free exploratory session will be for both parties to assess fit and if the program will work.

In your own words

I've been mentoring and coaching Product Managers and Startups for the last few years. I tend to focus on full-stack product management and have extensive expertise around marketplaces and product growth. I am also a designer and have run Design, Growth Marketing, and Ops at multiple companies. Another offering that I have been teaching is how to transform teams into a growth-minded organizations.