Andre Ben Hamou

What kind of coaching do you do?
Business operationsCorporate operationsEngineeringEngineering managementEntrepreneurshipGeneral managementHR/People opsLeadership coachingProduct
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

The clients who seem benefit most from my coaching are working in or adjacent to the tech industry. I mostly work with managers and leadership teams though not exclusively and have a number of senior PMs and technologists in my client base.

Preferred coaching structure

I work over video calls anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly depending on the client and their needs.

Who can't you help?

If you're job hunting, I'm less likely to be the best coach for you but feel free to reach out anyway as I'm usually happy to make introductions.

In your own words

Andre is a seasoned and dedicated coach who draws on over fifteen years of leadership in high-performance, product-oriented technology teams. He got his start as a software developer at an ISP, where he turned his experiences into a technology book. His subsequent roles saw him scale as a leader, culminating in a position as the Director of Engineering for a 400-person engineering team at Riot Games. Following his success with scaling teams he moved to Director roles at Facebook and then LinkedIn. He has led product engineering across many domains and has deep experience with growing leaders, designing organizations, driving collaboration, managing change, mapping complex systems, recruiting, and leading product and technology strategies.