Jen Millard

What kind of coaching do you do?
General managementEntrepreneurshipSalesGo-to-marketGrowthPricing and packaging
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve
My ideal client is a young (often first time) entrepreneur that is approaching a series A capital raise. Enough of an idea or concept that has a few shoots of success, and now they want to swing bigger. I am best used early stage to accelerate GTM and Sales processes. Often take Frac CRO roles to assist.
Preferred coaching structure
Typical structure is a weekly call. I can do onsite for off-site facilitation etc.
Who can't you help?
I prefer Fintech, checkouttech, foodtech, robotics, AR/VR et al. I can do physical retail and CPG as well. Preference is around team and people rather than sector.
Rate and pricing
I typically do a monthly cost depending on the number of sessions. I typically recommend a weekly session for 4-6 Weeks, depending on complexity, and then drop to bi-weekly. Cost is flexible for a cash and/or equity arrangement.