Patrick Carmitchel

What kind of coaching do you do?
ProductProduct marketingPricing and packagingPLGEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketGrowth
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

B2B/B2C SaaS startups post seed to series C and intrapreneurial ventures funded/incubated within enterprise companies - Individual Product Manager: Establishing the product and/or product design functions with core charter, people, cross functional process, and technology, usually a founder and/or first product manager/leader. They already have achieved PMF, but need help ensuring continuous PFF and are looking for support on how to navigate wearing multiple hats while having to deliver measurable value. In some cases a primary challenge may be the transition of ownership from founder to product manager, - Product Organization: Maturing the product function up to a team of 30, optimizing internal team performance with best practices, scaling to support new product introduction while maintaining internal and external stakeholder alignment to achieve in-market success across the product lifecycle. Focus: Recruiting, vision, strategy, business models, product stack, roadmap prioritization, personas, competitive analysis, closed loop feedback, agile methodology/scrum, cross functional alignment, go to market, packaging, pricing, positioning, product analytics, OKRs

Preferred coaching structure

Weekly Zoom with primary contact and guest participation from select colleagues internal to the product management and/or cross functional team. If local to San Diego, meeting in person is optional. Mid-week checkins as needed via Slack and/or email.

Who can't you help?

I don't do Social Media companies