Vinamrata Singal

What kind of coaching do you do?
Leadership coachingProduct
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

I work with clients in two different ways: - Mid-level product leaders or aspiring product leaders (i.e. with 2+ years of experience) looking to make their next move and want help mapping out what they want, thinking through options, creating a plan and support going after it. Examples of moves: breaking into product, transitioning from big co-> startup (vice versa), leaving product, IC->manager role, etc. - PM'es at early stage startups who want more hands on product mentorship and guidance with their day to day work. This could look like thought partnership or feedback on strategy documents/roadmapping/OKR setting, frameworks for figuring out how to define and grow the product function, strategies for managing stakeholders, and building storytelling skills to land presentation.

Who can't you help?

I'm not great for people who are new grads / just starting their career.

In your own words

tl;dr- I’m a leadership and product coach helping mid-level product leaders and aspiring product leaders uplevel their leadership skills while successfully navigating their career. My name is Vinamrata, and I got my start in product at Stanford as an APM intern at Google. I’ve worked on every kind of product (consumer, B2B2C, growth, monetization), In every kind of environment (20 person startup at Propel & Landis to 500 person company at Thumbtack & Match to global conglomerate at Google) , and with various product leadership roles (APM to head of product). I’ve often felt lonely in tech: as the only product person at my company, the only woman in the room, the only one who doesn’t believe in the latest Silicon Valley buzzword. I have have greatly benefitted from coaching and mentorship to grow my career, and now want to help others do the same.