Nancy Choi

What kind of coaching do you do?
General managementLeadership coachingBranding
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve
Ambitious high-performers who are in mid- to senior-level roles in corporations (of all sizes) who are feeling stuck, wanting a career pivot, or looking for ways to enhance their performance to the next level without heavy efforting. I value and welcome DEI communities who lack sponsorship and safety in their workplace, but my approach is to always be open to a first conversation with anyone who would be interested in having a chat and stay inclusive in who I work with (as long as there's a sense of chemistry and fit). The best client fit so far has been with people who are developmentally-oriented and love to learn, experiment, and put new practices into place.
Preferred coaching structure
Bi-weekly Zoom or in-person sessions for a minimum of 10 sessions.
Who can't you help?
People who are better suited for psychotherapy (dealing with deep depression, trauma, anxiety) with more extreme stress. People who aren't developmentally open (looking for quick fixes) in a broader sense - I do more than just provide practical advice, so there would ideally be an openness to explore deeper questions and limiting beliefs.
In your own words
As a fortune 100 senior leader and certified coach, I help leaders and organizations de-bug old patterns and create practical strategies for their career and development with a holistic design. My areas of expertise include integral development coaching, team and leadership effectiveness, strategic planning, systems thinking, culture of belonging (DEI), career transitions, high-impact communications, and cultural transformations.