Lauren Taylor

What kind of coaching do you do?
General managementCustomer successEntrepreneurshipGo-to-marketHR/People opsProductSales
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

Pre-seed to early Series A. I find that I provide the highest value for clients that have a vision, technical expertise, but lack operational, people management and business management experience. My clients might have junior/mid-ICs in the operational space across all non-technical functions, who need mentorship, guidance, and supporting planning for execution across all non-technical functions. I trend towards helping female founders, as that is a passion of mine, but am open to any introductions where it is the right fit. I'm also a PMP and can help leaders that have "well-defined" (as well as it can be at early stages) strategic projects.

Preferred coaching structure

I find I need at least 4-6 hours / week to engage, get up to speed and effectively coach and support execution. Hours spent can be a tiered approach (more in the beginning, tapered towards the end).

Who can't you help?

Teams that have senior leadership dedicated to operational functions; teams that do not prioritize sound and solid business foundations, people management, organizational structure in order to optimize stability and ultimate growth and scale for the company. Tech and product are super important, but solidarity in other functions is what can truly accelerate growth, from hiring the best in class people, to proactive customer support and relationship management.