Phil Corson

What kind of coaching do you do?
ProductGrowthPricing and packagingPLG
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

SaaS B2B startups who are close to or have found product market fit and are looking to accelerate their growth (Series A+).

Preferred coaching structure

I prefer a more integrated method and therefore choose wisely with how many I may have on the go at one time. Usually I will require access to data and have no problem signing NDAs so I can do my best work. Clients typically welcome my higher fees as I'm more integrated into their business when I work with them. Typical engagements are 3 months with an initial heavy lift from the client of workshopping and goal setting. Once defined I lean on the agile methodology with weekly "retros" or updates from all engaged stakeholders. I usually want to collaborate async (loom videos) and through slack but can do weekly syncs if client prefers. Typically my outputs are a miro board and a strategic document giving my clients 3-12 months of runaway of where I recommend where they should be investing their time and money as a business.

Who can't you help?

Large enterprises, merger-acqusition stage companies, or "grey-area" products (data re-sellers, platforms that offer restricted products like cigarettes, alcohol, or others). I can coach and consult with B2C or physical goods businesses but it isn't my strong suit.