Melissa Appel

What kind of coaching do you do?
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

My ideal client is a product leader with a team large enough to support 2-5+ product managers. I can also work with folks who are the first product manager at a startup.

Preferred coaching structure

I like to embed myself in your world to the extent possible. If it's a purely 1:1 coaching engagement, frequency of meetings would depend on your needs. If it's helping at a team level, it's likely 1:1 intros, participation in team meetings, conducting workshops, training modules, and joining you on slack (or whatever you use). After an intro call, I will put together a proposal.

In your own words

I help product management leaders and teams become more effective and deliver results through leadership coaching, designing better team structure and processes, and advising on best practices. I'm also writing a book on Stakeholder Management. Some example types of work with clients: - PM candidate screening and interviewing - Team scope and org structure - PM competency matrix creation - User research / product discovery best practices - Advising CEO and VP of product on how to work better together - 1:1 coaching for PM leaders on career development, team leadership, etc.