Marian Kamenistak

What kind of coaching do you do?
Engineering managementLeadership coachingGrowth
Ideal client & kinds of help/problems you like to solve

First-Time Engineering Leaders - Who They Are: Aspiring or newly-appointed engineering managers who are navigating the initial challenges of leadership. - Pain Points: Lack of direction, overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities, and an uncertain transition from an individual contributor role to a leadership position. - What They Seek: An accelerated trajectory to effective leadership that bypasses the common pitfalls, within 3-6 months instead of floundering for years. - Why They Choose Me: They value hands-on guidance, appreciate the importance of self-awareness, and are keen to understand and establish their managerial principles. Second-Level Managers - Who They Are: Engineering managers who have been in a leadership role but now face challenges in scaling their teams or transitioning to a more strategic mindset. - Pain Points: Stuck in operational tasks, struggling with scaling teams, need to align with broader organizational goals. - What They Seek: To evolve from an operational to a strategic mindset while learning how to scale teams effectively. - Why They Choose Me: They want to focus on long-term goals and require the techniques to achieve these while maintaining their team's performance. CTOs - Who They Are: Chief Technology Officers or high-level executives responsible for the technological direction of their companies. - Pain Points: Feel isolated in decision-making, balancing executive goals with team needs, overwhelmed by the breadth of responsibility. - What They Seek: A seasoned voice to validate their strategies, streamline execution, and optimize the engineering environment. - Why They Choose Me: I bring experience and a proven track record in fine-tuning engineering ecosystems. I serve as a confidential sounding board, helping them achieve their missions more efficiently.

Preferred coaching structure

Bi-weekly 1h online coaching sessions.

In your own words

Hi, I’m Marian. I’m an ex-VP of Engineering and I act as Software Engineering Leadership mentor && fractional advisor. I'm located in Central Europe, Prague. How do we succeed? By supporting and guiding you to reach your #mission: • I augment Engineering managers/directors/VPs/CTOs into Leaders worth following. • I help your Leaders and teams succeed in their/your Purpose and Product. • I Hedge VCs' investment by turning their chosen startup geeks into leaders in a much shorter timeframe. • I provide fractional on-site advisory to companies, boosting you in specific areas: engineering teams audit and enhancement, product-led, powerful outcome-based engineering metrics, due diligence, structural shifts, career frameworks, and agility (with no certificates). • I teach, speak and lead a variety of workshops.