Resources for 2024
Resources for 2024

Resources for 2024

I’ve been putting together a list of resources for those who want to support electing more Democrats in the 2024 election. If you’d like to contribute or if you have any suggestions, please reach out to You can also access this as a Notion page here.

Other great resources include and

Political news and information

A $ indicates I pay.

News sources

  • Political Wire, by Taegan Goddard. It’s a ticker tape of the most important and the most underrated political stories by one of the OG DC political figures. And they have a Slack! $
  • Talking Points Memo. News and opinions from a mainstream liberal perspective. $
  • Heated. Climate coverage. $
  • Minimum Viable Planet. Climate coverage. $
  • Public Notice. News, politics, and media coverage.
  • New York Times. Washington Post. Because for all my complaints they have the best reporting. $
  • The Boston Globe. Support your local paper. Because nobody else will. $
  • The American Prospect. OG leftist journalism. $

Supporting high-quality investigative journalism

Helping me make sense of what’s going on

Where to donate

These are “hard money” donations to politicians, which are highly regulated and not tax deductible. And fair warning: once you donate to one candidate, your contact information will be shared with many, many, many campaigns.

  • Oath is my new favorite place to donate. They estimate the marginal impact of your relatively small donation to recommend where you donate. And they protect you from the poitical fundraising spam so many of us hate.

501(c)(3) Non-profits where your donations are tax-deductible

My running list of places that can effectively use your charitable donations (spend that DAF!) to preserve American democracy. Which is arguably the most important issue in the 2024 election.

  • Campaign Legal Center fights for voting rights. EIN: 04-3608387
  • Democracy NC fights for voting rights in North Carolina, a swing state. EIN: 56-2271150
  • Spread the Vote helps individuals get the IDs necessary to vote. EIN: 81-5308494
  • The Protect Democracy Project provides research, public education, and litigation to protect US democracy. It is the (c)(4) partner of United to Protect Democracy, which also does advocacy work. EIN: 81-4777062
  • VoteRiders helps eligible voters get the government ID they need to vote. EIN: 45-5081831
  • Vote Forward organizes the sending of handwritten notes to low-propensity voters. EIN: 47-3681860 (via Hopewell - include “Vote Forward Education Fund” in the memo line)

Where to volunteer?